fx(hash) undercurrents: Amy Goodchild

Within a few weeks of fx(hash) going live, we’ve seen incredible waves of hype moving over the platform. Despite their well-deserved success, astronomical secondary sales have unavoidably drawn collectors toward some big names, while ignoring brilliant undercurrents. fx(hash) undercurrents is a series of articles that showcase outstanding artworks that received relatively little attention on fx(hash), but that I believe are particularly noteworthy.

Although women artists are still rarely involved in generative art, when they do, they tend to stand out. In light of this, the three female artists who released generative art projects at fx(hash) in November 2021 all deserve special attention. They are Aleksandra Jovanić, Amy Goodchild, and Lisa Orth.

Amy Goodchild’s art is centered on interactive installations but lately she has expanded also into generative art. In her blog article How does it feel to make generative art? she describes her creative process as follows:

Balance, Dance, Collaboration

I’ve talked a lot recently about how much generative art feels like a feedback loop or like collaborating with the computer. It’s a back and forth, an iteration. I have an idea, the computer does something half (or wholly) unexpected which gives me a different idea, I try that, it sparks something else… and on.

At fx(hash), she released her first project, Propagate, on November 24, 2021. It is a generative tree with “recursive branches growing in offshoots, subdividing and evolving their properties until they terminate and perhaps bear fruit”. A generative tree is a quite common theme in generative art, and since the release of her project, I have seen many variations by other artists. But to this day, I still find Amy Goodchild’s interpretation to be one of the most appealing and tasteful.

Propagate, by Amy Goodchild

There is a lot to discover about Amy Goodchild’s art praxis in her blog on her website. I hope soon we will have some more opportunities in NFT space to see her collaboration with code come to fruition.

The project’s website at fx(hash): https://www.fxhash.xyz/generative/99

Author’s disclosure: I’m a collector and community member at fx(hash) and have by the time this article is written one artwork of Amy Goodchild my NFT collection.



Economist turned NFT curator. I am amazed to discover how blockchain links my love of art and economics.

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Anna Wolf

Economist turned NFT curator. I am amazed to discover how blockchain links my love of art and economics.